Tuesday, December 28, 2010

With the New Year upon us

I'd like to say I am only 2 months behind in actual work and need to upload photos for september and october. Which may not be done any time soon. Between trying to get the house back together and getting ready for a new year I don't seem to have energy left over. But I would like to get back to beading regularly and I am making that a priority when I'm not reading, eating, cleaning, or sleeping.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I keep thinking as the years go by that things would get easier. That I'll remember the good times rather than the bad. That the holidays wouldn't be so hard. Well, so far I haven't reistenached it. I have a hard time listening to love songs, I can't think about Christmas without tears - because I can't be with my family and because my X was having an affair during our last Christmas together. We were at my son's and he kept disappearing to call her and she was constantly calling him. That's kind of when I knew something was really wrong. I suspected but he denied it. I keep thinking I'm over it and then it hits me all over again, sometimes worse than others.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


August and September are done but I haven't had much computer time here at mom's. (She is doing fine, frustrated she isn't progressing as fast as she wanted to but is improving daily) I have been trying to bead a little every day. I just finished August so am behind a bit. I am working on another pocket while waiting for my bead order to come. I used up most of the flower beads I had on the last pocket. Glass beads shaped like flowers are hard to find (for me at least) so I had to settle for resin. Ah well. Will post pocket when I get time to photo it and post.

I hope everyone is doing well and happily beading!

Monday, August 2, 2010


July was in with a bang! My pocket represents just that... all the fun and fireworks of July, the seemingly frantic pace that surrounded us, with everyone going off in different directions. It was a madcap month! I helped my friends with some renovation work for some other friends and flared up my knee, so I had to quit doing that, which I really enjoyed and was bummed I couldn't help anymore. I found I like wielding a saw... lol So half of July was madcap rushing here and there and the other half was perched on the couch with my knee supported and hobbling around. I got a steroid shot and I hate them, but such is life. I did learn the knack of beading while on the couch... so I've been getting a head start on things.... July also is when my divorce was final so there was some sad times too, but I've been seeing a really good counselor so I'm working through it. All in all, my mental health is better than it was this time last year, my physical self is in the toilet... arghhhh but what can you do? Day to day....


June is done... fairly easy pocket this time. I followed the image already on the pocket and did some fill-in with beads. I felt 'compelled' to do this pocket and it was a challenge and fun too. Just beading to be beading, but I guess it shows some of my contentment and settling in to the new life of being single. I added straps to all my pockets and found out it was easier to add them before I beaded, but a little trickier to bead with the strap in the way. Anyway this one is just whimsical and fun...


I've been working on this for awhile and finally finished it in July. It's mostly just my mix of beads - my study in golds... lol I recently finished my study in pastels and I am working on my study in purples. Totally freestyle - no pattern or end result... just beading with colors and creating art. This and the others were all done on the same stuff that Jody (my friend here in NM) uses in her beaded goddess's. Stiff stuff or something like that. Very easy to use and it takes a wash of color nicely also which I did for the purple piece. I am thinking I will frame these after I figure out how I'm going to do the matting - material or paper? quilt it or flat? ughhhh

playing catch-up - May

This is May's pocket. This represents my 2 trips I made in May - one to my mom and one to my daughter's graduation - she graduated magna cum laude! and held a job. I wanted the orange to represent the roads and the winding paths I took. The rest is just a representation of the things I saw... It was spring and things at the lower elevations were blooming but the mountains still had snow but were so far away... I went to the Caverns of Socorro which was an awesome adventure - on the way to Lafayette LA where my daughter was (she's now in Kansas awaiting classes to start for her masters degree). On the way home I went to Big Bend National Park... big park, lots to see offroad, hotter than Hades even in may, but worth the trip. Was good to be home though... I didn't take my girls with me to my daughter's but I did to mom's. I really missed them while I was gone.

and of course I added my bear totem... I look at it and wonder if it is finished yet or not. lol

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wow Summer seems to be passing me by....

I have been having knee problems and have been spending an excess amount of time sitting with my knee up. Since I don't have wireless I can't drag my laptop to the couch (: But that means I have had a lot of time to work on pockets! I have May, June and July done and have added straps to all the other pockets. I also de-constructed a bunch of jeans and have pockets ready to go for a few more months. I took pics but have to get them off the camera. I will try to do that tomorrow.

I have been seeing a therapist and I am working through some things with her which is helping. I've also talked to my X and while the answers I got weren't what I expected and I didn't feel like I got everything I felt I needed to hear, I did at least get him to talk about feelings and his thoughts from his perspective. So I am getting some closure in that area and I hope it helped him too, because I opened up and told him some things I hadn't told anyone, that while I didn't want him to feel like he had to say it's all his fault, I did appreciate him saying he had made mistakes and that he felt he had failed me by not encouraging me or supporting me. That I had made mistakes too and that because of things that happened to me when I was younger and that this had impacted my reactions to things he did or said. Basically, because I never felt I was worthy of love, that I felt I deserved whatever happened and I had no control, which caused me to be clingy and needy. My fear he would leave me pushed him to do just that. I know I didn't consciously do these things, they were already programed into my brain.

I also talked to my mom and got some clarifications and more of an understanding of my dad and his lack of relating to any of the family. Mom said he'd always been that way. She gave me lots of insight which I really did appreciate.

I hope you all will enjoy the pockets I have created. This has been a wonderful process of finding myself and my pockets reflect that. And I will get them posted soon... maybe even today!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Working on May

and finding it hard to concentrate some days, so the going is slow. I will be meeting with my new counselor tomorrow for the first time. I hope it goes well. I have been feeling very low lately. I think partly because of all the traveling I did and partly from seeing my X for the first time in what, 8 months.... Even knowing I'm not in love with him anymore doesn't stop the pain and the feeling of loss. Mostly that loss of security in knowing my place in the universe. I was a 'wife' so long I don't know how to do anything else. So I just muddle through the days it seems.

We did go to Winston for their fiesta which was fun, although very very hot. I think I cut the day short for everyone when I had to go sit and cool off. I get heat stroke very easily and I hate it. Anyway we then went to Chloride to see the museum, but it was closed so we headed home. I spent the next 2 days with a migraine. I finally took some migraine meds today and I feel better. I still have so many things to do and so many things to put away... seems to never end. At least I got most of the materials I need to do the repairs on the roof. All in good time.

Friday, May 28, 2010

My April pocket - April is the month my granddaughter was born and I wanted to take this pocket and celebrate new life, springtime and my favorite things - flowers, butterflys and dragonflys! I used rainbow tourmaline and amethyst for the flowers. For the leaves I used some carved leaves I got at the local store and green florite and peridot for the vines. There wasn't a lot of heavy thoughts on this one, I just tried to put forth the feelings of spring, new life, new beginnings. It is one of my favorite so far.

Monday, May 17, 2010

A time for change

A time for change

May has been full of time for change. A lot of the change has been in me. I've been on the road so much the last month and I have had lots of time for reflection. I find I am no longer feeling like I should still be in love with my ex-husband. I love him as a friend and the father of my children and because we shared a life together, but I am no longer IN love with him. We had a chance to have a small heart to heart while he was at my daughters for her graduation and I can honestly say I had no pangs of heartache when I looked at him or talked to him. We had one small incident while at his house that involved his attempt to spare my feelings instead of being up front. I tried to explain that if he would just be up front and tell me, then there would be less to have to deal with in the end. If I get upset, that is my thing to deal with. If he is secretive or hides things and I am then totally surprised and hurt that he didn't give me the chance to even try to deal with whatever it was. Plus I think for the first time since the divorce we actually laughed and relaxed and had a good time. I explained that that was all I wanted or expected. The other admission I made was that for the first time in my life, I am actually on my own and I enjoy this aspect of life. Making my own decisions and living life how I want. I love being able to make my own choices, I love the feeling of independence and freedom. Freedom to come and go as I please, to not have to feel I have to live life according to someone else's agenda. To finally realize it is ok to let go of past dreams and expectations and to find new ones. That letting go is not forgetting or losing, it's not failure - it's life

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hex Goblindancer... my fairy name

Your fairy is called Hex Goblindancer
She is a bringer of riches and wealth.
She lives in places hexed and tainted by black magic.
She is only seen when the bees swarm and the crickets chirrup.
She wears black feathers and rose petals. She has gentle green wings like a butterfly.

looking back

looking back did you ever see?
did you ever see the real me?
did you think it would last?
while you held me fast?

looking back do you remember me?
do you remember
that first look,
our first kiss...
do you remember this?

looking back did you ever think?
did you ever think it would end like this?
packing my bags,
loading the car,
not... looking back... and looking too far?

looking back do you ever feel?
do you feel right,
do you sleep at night?

looking back do you ever think?
do you ever think anything at all?
or were the years that went by nothing at all?

Looking back, all I see is miles and miles
as I drove away from all that I had
looking for a way to see beyond the bad,
looking for ways to put life back in my smiles.

I don't look back anymore,
I have so much more in store
I can't waste time on things that won't change
I have too many things easily within range
looking back is for fools
if you see me looking, I'm not looking for you
this isn't exactly how I had it in my head when I thought it up on the drive home, but I guess it really doesn't matter...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

does life feel like it's passing you by? are you passing by life?

While this is not a perfect photo, I loved the sunset and had to capture it. I took this out of my window in a moving car... which is why everything looks like it's moving and where I got my title from...
I will be posting a photo of my April pocket and hopefully starting on May soon. The trip took more out of me than I thought it would and I am glad to be home. I posted pics on my fb site if anyone is interested in looking.

I also posted this pic of Jody and my entries in the bead group challenge. We didn't win but we did have fun.

So much has happened since I last posted, I don't hardly know where to begin. I enjoyed my time with my mom and wished I could have spent more time there, but was also glad to be home. I put up my new drapes today that I bought while I was there. I will post some pics of things as I get them photographed. I had to laugh - my mom picked out the drapes I wanted then put them back, or started to... I grabbed them and put them in my part of the cart (anyone else share carts when shopping with someone?) I think we were both surprised we liked the same thing... then she picked out some that I wasn't too sure of. We got back to the house and put hers up and I had to go buy me some... lol Mostly though, we talked and took care of the dogs... Thankfully, mine get along famously with hers... helps that hers are male and mine are female, I guess, but it was a relief to know Spice can get along with other dogs. Her sis and she don't get along right now - we are hoping this will pass now that Spice is fixed).

Good grief... don't even want to think about the next trip. It's only a week away and thankfully, not as far. But I have to deal with the X....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life is good...

When you open your eyes in the morning and know you will have a good day no matter what you plan, life is good. I've spent so many years living with not knowing how the day will be, that I didn't realize how good life could be till just the other day. I woke up and just layed in bed and thought no matter what I did that day, life would be good.

I feel some people judge me because I don't have a job. You should work, support yourself, etc. Well, I guess they would think that and normally they'd be right. I'd love to work and support myself. However, I have limitations and have to live with them. I'd be disabled if only I had worked in the last 10 years or had no support from my ex. I don't qualify, but that doesn't mean I am able to work. Some days that upsets me. That people feel they can judge you without knowing. But I try to remember that is their problem, not mine. I'm living with the cards I've been dealt and I am ok with that (most of the time).

Overall, life is good. I have friends, I have sunshine, a bottle of wine, family who do love me, a house to live in, and a lot of other good things. It's the good things we need to keep thinking about and remembering.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


A year ago in April I found out my husband didn't love me anymore, had a girlfriend, and wanted a divorce. Wanted me out of his life. That's a lot to swallow in one moment in time. It's a lot to swallow in a whole lifetime. So since then I have been trying to figure out what my life has been all about, if not putting my soul into a marriage works, then what does? Does anything have meaning? They say to never make any decisions for at least a year after a divorce. The person who said that might have meant well, but really, in real life, it just isn't possible. You HAVE to make certain decisions whether you want to or not. There is no safe harbor for unwanted wives to go so they don't have to make any decisions.

I ask myself daily if I shouldn't be 'doing' more. I find I like my quiet life except for a few things - I can't seem to keep up the yard work alone. It always has been and always will be a big job. I miss my kids. I miss the simple things of a relationship, holding hands, hugs, laughter, that comfortable feeling of knowing the person beside you so well you don't have to talk and when you do, you can finish the sentences for each other. The feeling of being loved.

I know my ex-husband doesn't want me anymore. He doesn't miss me. he doesn't miss any of the things I miss because he's already replaced me with someone else. While I'm trying to put the pieces of my life together, he never missed a step. When I am depressed I think of how unfair it is that my life was torn apart and his has gone on with hardly a bump. Life isn't fair, but shouldn't life be equally unfair? I would love to be the one making the rules for a day. Those rules that govern innocent people. I would make it so that if life was unfair, it would be unfair for everyone. Specially for those who cause the unfairness.

I guess it's a good thing I'm not in charge. I don't think I would be fair.

And then I think about the things that I have benefited from the divorce. I don't have to clean up after a man who doesn't appreciate the work involved. Any mess in the house is one I made. I do what I want with no censure. I get to see beautiful sunsets, mountains and lakes whenever I want. Sunrises too, if I choose. I don't have anyone telling me what bad person I am. I have peace and quiet unless I want to make noise. I have a big tv I never watch, but then neither does he. I drink wine when I want, spend my money on what I want, make my own decisions.

Was it worth it? I think it would depend on how you looked at it. If it meant being married and having my husband love me like I thought he did, no it's not worth it. If it means that I would still be divorced no matter what, that my husband was still unfaithful and still did not love me, then yes, I'd rather be alone and content than married to man who hated the site of me. I'd trade sunsets and wine for hand holding and hugs.

Now if I could just convince my heart.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

April is soon to arrive!

And while I've finished my April pocket early, I had good reason. I will be traveling a bit the next two months to visit my mom first then to attend my daughters graduation in Louisiana. She'll be getting her degree in English with Women's studies as a minor. Then off to get her Masters - possibly in Kansas.

April is also one of those months where nothing good happened and everything that's good happened. I decided to focus on the good - my grandaughter was born in April. As apposed to my attempted suicide that was also in April. Having been to the deepest of pits and survived, I wonder daily if I should have. I don't see any great change in my life or in my pain - when things get bad and I can't see the good. I struggle every day just to stay alive, to keep my pain at bay, to hide my real thoughts from people who would probably run if they knew what I was thinking.

I think, if only I could find a reason for all the hurt and pain, I could make it all go away. But it never does. It's elusive, hinting one day that I'm close to an answer then slipping off to hide for another day.

When someone you know is hurting, depressed or in pain, whether physical or mental, do you know what to do or to say to that person? Do you know what they need? more than anything they just need to know they are loved, unconditionally.

A long time ago I had a friend who killed himself. In my youthfulness, I didn't know he was telling me that's what he was going to do and that it would be soon, I couldn't imagine life would be so bad as to actually do it. In all my years of depression up to this point, I had never actually made an attempt, even though I came close a few years after his. So his death came as a surprise to me, and I was saddened that he never knew how much I liked and respected him, loved him as a friend and a brother. He never knew that, I don't think, because I never told him. I thought there was more time.

Live life as if there is no more time. As if this is the last day you will ever see that person or talk to that person. Don't let words and actions wait till another day, a better moment. There may not be another day or moment. Love unconditionally! Love could mean the difference between life or death. Because some of us live that line. We don't want to but we do. And life is more than just the daily trials, life can be the hardest thing we do that day, that week or that month. For those of us who suffer deep depression, every hour lived is a milestone. Knowing someone will care deeply if we give up could be the difference between choosing life and giving up.

I'm telling you this because I have a friend who keeps me living each day. She's here to remind me I am not alone, even when I feel I am so terribly alone, she tells me I am not. So I vow to keep fighting, to keep trying.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

March pocket finished!

Where to start? One day at work I created this doodle and I liked it because it showed to me a definite battle and separation of my life. The battle was the uphill climbs during my 30 yr marriage. The mountains depict that part, including the rocky parts, the snowy parts and the easy downhill coasting. The last of the mountains are covered in snow, just as our marriage was covered in the frost and cold of neglect. The blue and white bead depict the blue skies and cloudy days. We had a lot of both for a long time. The white beads depict the snow continuing to fall, just as our marriage continued to fall out of control. (did anyone see the 2 beaded circles within the mountains? This represents our vows - gold standing for him and silver for me)

The river divides that life and my new life. It wasn't easy to cross, but I've managed somehow. The bear is my totem and his trail begins and ends at the bottom where the button says life's journey. I also added the 2 circles in my present life. They represent my vows to myself, to remain faithful to my beliefs, my self, and my future. I created a rainbow with golds and silvers to represent this era in my life. I may not have a man to share my life with but it is filled with golden moments of time with family and friends. While this was a difficult piece to do, I think it has helped me to work through some of the issues of my failed marriage. There is still a lot of hurt there, but I am pushing past it and moving on with my life.

My journey hasn't ended, it's just begun.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

where life meets beading and beading meets sun

lol - got my March pocket finished and will post soon. Been busy, busy lately so not much time for beading or blogging. Not that you can tell I was actually busy...

spent the day at a friends house 'dog sitting' on the deck - got sun, some wind and watched a goofy movie on Encore on their bigscreen. Didn't manage to get much else done except laundry. Yesterday we did pretty much the same thing and T made supper - bbq chicken with his home-made bbq sauce, salad and baked potatoes. mmmm.... good. enough leftovers for some for supper, yeah!

And I have been working on going through all my craft stuff, even though you can't tell it by looking....

Thursday, February 18, 2010


They pulled the stent yesterday and can we say ouch! Oh my - it felt like they were pulling my guts out! lol (of course I wasn't laughing yesterday on the drive home) sheesh! Like having a baby yanked out of your kidney and through your bladder and out your whoo hoo! Ugh! anyway, nuf of that -

I finished the main part of my schmoo yesterday and this am. Now I just need to add all the little embellies to make her unique. Once I am truly finished I will post here. I'm also working on my Feb pocket and keep wondering if I bit off more than I can chew. But I refuse to be beaten by mere beads! lol And its not like I don't have plenty of time to work on it now.

I was greatly disappointed that my boss never returned my call or talked to me. I am assuming I am no longer working for them since he didn't. And they have all my tax information so I have to go in and get it at some point, which will not be fun. Oh well such is life.

I'm hoping in the next few days I will start feeling lots better with less pain and can get some stuff done here - like put away my clothes I got washed and dried!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

March's sneak peek

just a peek at March's pocket - just got the outlines only and colors kind of picked out, but we'll see where this one takes me. Title is "Separation". And that's all I'm telling... lol

my little valentine

had to show off my little sweetie pie!

She's such a little show off, but I love her to bits. She's been right by my side or in my bed with me since I've been home. I think she knows she's adorable and loves to pose for the camera.

Well I am off to rest - I just want to say once again how much I appreciate everyone's comments and well wishes I got when I told everyone I was having a procedure done yesterday. I actually don't feel too bad. But that could be the pain pills talking too... lol

February's pocket

Back and front of Feb's pocket. It really looks nice in person but I'm afraid I was a bit shakey taking the photos so I only got 2 good ones.

I started out with traditional reds and whites and pinks with the plan of creating a whimsical traditional valentine pocket. But I'll be honest - I wasn't really in the mood for much mooshyness. I haven't a valentine this year for the first time in 30 years. My hands kept drawing me away from the reds to the glittery whites and pale pinks. So I went with it. I followed the trails of the lace with the first one bisecting the piece with silver beads and white twisted bugle beads. Initially I had planned the leaves (the purple things) would represent all the things I love, then they wouldn't stay in place so I felt the need to bead till they did (for the most part anyway), so now they looked like they were kind of 'displaced', which is kind of how I have been feeling since the divorce. So the beading took on a life of its own as I beaded the last 6 months or so of my life into this pocket. The twists and turns the dead-ends, the feeling of having a frozen heart, delicate and easily shattered. Within all this is the little bright spots, the butterfly, the 'flowers', the little clear hearts and purple hearts dangling here and there, for the times I stepped out of my comfort zone to walk a little in this new and strange world of being single. And in the center I purposely added a little 'green' to all this glittery paleness to represent the possibilities that are out there and to remind myself that hope is there - hope for a better year, for good times, better health and maybe even hope for my heart.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Great balls of fire!

Seems I have this huge kidney stone causing all sorts of problems. Having fought and lost before, it seems we're going to fight again. I go in tomorrow for lithotripsy - that's where they pound your kidney stone to try to break it up, with plans of having it done a second time 2 weeks later. These things send my body into all sorts of uproar and with the added stent he's adding it means I shouldn't work while this is going on. So I've probably lost my job (which was a temporary tax season job). And of course the cost is outrageous but my ex is giving me some money to cover most of the out of pocket. And of course all this means I am back on a super tight budget. Which is ok. I think I will be ok with the whole thing. My friend says if it's meant to be it will be. So I am going to just go with the flow.

Meanwhile I will complete February's pocket today I think and post it.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Been busy

between work, pets, house, errands, dr. visits I seem to not be getting much done. So I took this weekend off. I did accomplish several things - cleaned most of the house, put up photos on walls(this has been put off since September when I moved in) and ran a few more errands. I found fabric I couldn't find earlier so off they went to new homes(the brocade only temporarily, I still get the leftovers to refinish my footstool). I would like to say I got some beading done but I haven't accomplished much there. I still have the evening to go though so still have some time. Although it sounds like the girls want to go for another walk today.

I also puttered around with my blog and added a slideshow of photos I've taken over the last few months - since I left TX and got divorced. I've had so much happen in the last 6 months - it's hard to believe really, all the changes - but I'm settling in and hopefully this year will be better than last year - heck, it can't get worse in my opinion. lol

I thought I'd add one of the sunset pics from last night - it was so beautiful even the photo doesn't do it justice.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

can we say brrrr...

the weather here is sunny but the wind has a vicious bite to it. I'm trying to be patient about the whole winter thing... and not doing a very good job of it.

Today we went to the beadaholics meeting here. Found some beads to buy of course, and happy to be able to do just that. Then we had cake cause it was someones birthday! purple cake is always a happy event.

Then it was off to grab our goodies and head over to our friend Linda's abode where we spent the rest of the afternoon beading on dollies. I was tired when I got home and took a nice 3 hour nap. But it was an enjoyable day all in all. Well except for the doggie incedent - seems Spice is in heat and Sugar is not thrilled with the idea. So Jody took Sugar home with her to see if that would help Sugars mood. (Sugar is not a travel dog - she barfs if I take her to do errands, so she has to stay home whereas Spice loves to go and doesn't get car sick so gets to go on occasion). I had hoped to breed Spice because of her sweet nature, but Sugar becomes neurotic when she goes in heat and will be fixed as soon as I can get the paperwork back. Not sure now what to do, but if it continues I'll have to give one of them up, which breaks my heart because I love them both.

Monday, January 18, 2010


hmmm... got to work ok, figured it would either be busy or dead - it was busy! So time flew, which was nice. I also took a bunch of classes online through the company site to help me with some of the technical things that people want to know. BTW, I work for H&R Block, in case you didn't know. I got home and found I had gotten a call from daughter which I returned, then called my buddy beader Jody, then my friend Gordon called from Florida. Hadn't heard from him in awhile so was nice to catch up with his goings on.

Then I sat and beaded, checked the blogs, beaded, ordered beads, beaded... so February's pocket is coming along. I needed a few beads to finish it off though so ordered them since we have nothing much here in the way of seed beads. I am totally broke though, lol. Looks like I'm eating whatever is in the cupboards till the end of the month.

February's pocket is going to be healing I hope. Since February is traditionally linked with Valentines day and I no longer have a valentine, I think this will all work it's way into the beading. In fact it already has. After 30 years of marriage, it's hard to contemplate not having a valentine to share my life with. In fact I felt that way so deeply, I didn't think I could continue my life without my husband. I attempted suicide in April of last year and was divorced in July. I am finding not only does life go on, but life can be ever so sweet, everywhere but in my heart of hearts - where you keep those special feelings for that special someone. That place is ice cold and frozen, broken and afraid. I don't know if it will ever heal and that scares me a bit. Mostly because I crave being a whole person - not some wounded, dying thing. I think it's imp0rtant to heal and move on. Everyone says I will. So I just hope for the best and do my best not to let it get me too down.

I suffer and have suffered from depression for many years - it's a constant battle. Add to that medical issues and I feel some days I am such a mess why do I bother? Then I have days where I feel fine and can't imagine why I felt life wasn't worth it.

So after reading Robin's book, I felt I HAD to do this - that it would help me stitch those wounds closed and put me in a better place in which to go on with life - because life is good and it is worth it!

hugs all

Sunday, January 17, 2010

it's a dogs life

Jackie and Jazz - the only time I got both in the same shot. We should all probably look at life like dogs do. They live for the minute, day or treat! Of course with two scent dogs, they also live for the good smells! Jackie amazed us all with her ability to not only keep up but run ahead. I had worried the hike would be too much for her but other than some rocks in the way, she did awesome! So I guess we'll be taking her more often now that we know she can handle it. Jazz has always loved our hikes and climbs like a champ over anything that's in our way. When we climbed the waterfall area she didn't even hesitate.

I suppose I should tell my story at some point. But how to start?

Can we just say WOW! We took a hike up a dry riverbed near home and found some wonderful rock formations and a small stream wandering around filled with algae of different shades of green. I just had to change my header to one of the photos. We took two dogs with us and they had a blast being 'free' to roam since no one else was around. Jackie the Boston terror is 15 and some months and not only kept up with us but ran us ragged!! Amazing pooch my little girl. Jazzie did an awesome job of keeping up and keeping track of Jackie and the three adults. It was a joy to see them romping and cavorting like pups.

So while walking I wondered - does art imitate nature or does nature imitate art? Do I see things the same way you do, or do we look at things in our own unique way?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

February's pocket

This is February's pocket. I have the colors picked for beading and the lace is sewn on. I plan to bead the heart so it is not sewn on yet. I can't wait to get started with the beading since I have no clue where it will take me.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I've finished January

and started on February! I'm rather proud of how January's turned out since it sat for so long with me staring at it. lol And February's just kind of popped into my head while I was cutting pockets from jeans. I'm really excited about doing more with these little gems.

first photo is January's pocket in process. It stayed this way for several weeks. Now it looks like this:

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First blogger nightmares

hi everyone! Just got home from Albuquerque, and for some strange reason decided this was something I should attempt while sleep deprived and exhausted. Will post more as I learn more and have more time.

Hope everyone is having a great time