Sunday, January 31, 2010

Been busy

between work, pets, house, errands, dr. visits I seem to not be getting much done. So I took this weekend off. I did accomplish several things - cleaned most of the house, put up photos on walls(this has been put off since September when I moved in) and ran a few more errands. I found fabric I couldn't find earlier so off they went to new homes(the brocade only temporarily, I still get the leftovers to refinish my footstool). I would like to say I got some beading done but I haven't accomplished much there. I still have the evening to go though so still have some time. Although it sounds like the girls want to go for another walk today.

I also puttered around with my blog and added a slideshow of photos I've taken over the last few months - since I left TX and got divorced. I've had so much happen in the last 6 months - it's hard to believe really, all the changes - but I'm settling in and hopefully this year will be better than last year - heck, it can't get worse in my opinion. lol

I thought I'd add one of the sunset pics from last night - it was so beautiful even the photo doesn't do it justice.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

can we say brrrr...

the weather here is sunny but the wind has a vicious bite to it. I'm trying to be patient about the whole winter thing... and not doing a very good job of it.

Today we went to the beadaholics meeting here. Found some beads to buy of course, and happy to be able to do just that. Then we had cake cause it was someones birthday! purple cake is always a happy event.

Then it was off to grab our goodies and head over to our friend Linda's abode where we spent the rest of the afternoon beading on dollies. I was tired when I got home and took a nice 3 hour nap. But it was an enjoyable day all in all. Well except for the doggie incedent - seems Spice is in heat and Sugar is not thrilled with the idea. So Jody took Sugar home with her to see if that would help Sugars mood. (Sugar is not a travel dog - she barfs if I take her to do errands, so she has to stay home whereas Spice loves to go and doesn't get car sick so gets to go on occasion). I had hoped to breed Spice because of her sweet nature, but Sugar becomes neurotic when she goes in heat and will be fixed as soon as I can get the paperwork back. Not sure now what to do, but if it continues I'll have to give one of them up, which breaks my heart because I love them both.

Monday, January 18, 2010


hmmm... got to work ok, figured it would either be busy or dead - it was busy! So time flew, which was nice. I also took a bunch of classes online through the company site to help me with some of the technical things that people want to know. BTW, I work for H&R Block, in case you didn't know. I got home and found I had gotten a call from daughter which I returned, then called my buddy beader Jody, then my friend Gordon called from Florida. Hadn't heard from him in awhile so was nice to catch up with his goings on.

Then I sat and beaded, checked the blogs, beaded, ordered beads, beaded... so February's pocket is coming along. I needed a few beads to finish it off though so ordered them since we have nothing much here in the way of seed beads. I am totally broke though, lol. Looks like I'm eating whatever is in the cupboards till the end of the month.

February's pocket is going to be healing I hope. Since February is traditionally linked with Valentines day and I no longer have a valentine, I think this will all work it's way into the beading. In fact it already has. After 30 years of marriage, it's hard to contemplate not having a valentine to share my life with. In fact I felt that way so deeply, I didn't think I could continue my life without my husband. I attempted suicide in April of last year and was divorced in July. I am finding not only does life go on, but life can be ever so sweet, everywhere but in my heart of hearts - where you keep those special feelings for that special someone. That place is ice cold and frozen, broken and afraid. I don't know if it will ever heal and that scares me a bit. Mostly because I crave being a whole person - not some wounded, dying thing. I think it's imp0rtant to heal and move on. Everyone says I will. So I just hope for the best and do my best not to let it get me too down.

I suffer and have suffered from depression for many years - it's a constant battle. Add to that medical issues and I feel some days I am such a mess why do I bother? Then I have days where I feel fine and can't imagine why I felt life wasn't worth it.

So after reading Robin's book, I felt I HAD to do this - that it would help me stitch those wounds closed and put me in a better place in which to go on with life - because life is good and it is worth it!

hugs all

Sunday, January 17, 2010

it's a dogs life

Jackie and Jazz - the only time I got both in the same shot. We should all probably look at life like dogs do. They live for the minute, day or treat! Of course with two scent dogs, they also live for the good smells! Jackie amazed us all with her ability to not only keep up but run ahead. I had worried the hike would be too much for her but other than some rocks in the way, she did awesome! So I guess we'll be taking her more often now that we know she can handle it. Jazz has always loved our hikes and climbs like a champ over anything that's in our way. When we climbed the waterfall area she didn't even hesitate.

I suppose I should tell my story at some point. But how to start?

Can we just say WOW! We took a hike up a dry riverbed near home and found some wonderful rock formations and a small stream wandering around filled with algae of different shades of green. I just had to change my header to one of the photos. We took two dogs with us and they had a blast being 'free' to roam since no one else was around. Jackie the Boston terror is 15 and some months and not only kept up with us but ran us ragged!! Amazing pooch my little girl. Jazzie did an awesome job of keeping up and keeping track of Jackie and the three adults. It was a joy to see them romping and cavorting like pups.

So while walking I wondered - does art imitate nature or does nature imitate art? Do I see things the same way you do, or do we look at things in our own unique way?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

February's pocket

This is February's pocket. I have the colors picked for beading and the lace is sewn on. I plan to bead the heart so it is not sewn on yet. I can't wait to get started with the beading since I have no clue where it will take me.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I've finished January

and started on February! I'm rather proud of how January's turned out since it sat for so long with me staring at it. lol And February's just kind of popped into my head while I was cutting pockets from jeans. I'm really excited about doing more with these little gems.

first photo is January's pocket in process. It stayed this way for several weeks. Now it looks like this:

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First blogger nightmares

hi everyone! Just got home from Albuquerque, and for some strange reason decided this was something I should attempt while sleep deprived and exhausted. Will post more as I learn more and have more time.

Hope everyone is having a great time